Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mother and Son Event

Devlin and I attended our first Mother and Son event this past weekend at Cedarkirk Camp. We were excited to spend the day together and had a full day of activities planned. 
Our friends Gabriel and Marilyn joined us on our adventures.
 We started the day with a 2 miles canoe trip down the Alafia River.
Just a small alligator to keep us company. I am glad he was not around when we had to get out of the canoe when we got stuck. 
A hiker happened to be videotaping as we came down the river and got stuck. Marilyn asked him to send her the video and he did!
We were happy to get out of the canoe because our tushes were sore and we were starving. 
After lunch, we did some rock climbing. I think Devlin and I need to work on our upper body strength. 
Next up was zip lining. Devlin had been talking about this all week and it was as awesome as he thought it would be. 
The last activity of the day was archery. Devlin tried really hard, but he was so tired. We made the decision to go back to ziplining for the last 20 minutes of the day. 
Devlin and I had a blast at the Mother and Son event and were so lucky to have great friends with us. I cannot wait for next year's adventure!