Thursday, December 8, 2016

4th birthday!

The twins turned 4 on November 8th. We had a small family party for them this year. For their party, they requested a princess and a ninja cake.

Height: 42.5 inches,
Weight: 37.8 pounds
Favorite color: pink
Nicknames: Coco, Beansie, LB
Favorite toy: Disney princesses
Favorite stuffed animal: T-bone
Favorite things to eat: macaroni and cheese, yogurt, all the vegetables
Favorite drink: Bubble water 
Favorite TV show: Elena of Avalor and Shimmer and Shine

Colette is still a total girly girl. She loves all things pink and princessy. She is still playing soccer and has also started dance lessons. Colette is definitely the boss around here. She loves her brothers, as long as they know she is in charge. 

Height: 43.5 inches
Weight: 42 pounds
Favorite color: orange
Nicknames: Griffy, Griffles, Brick
Favorite toy: bike and power wheels jeep
Favorite stuffed animal: Boscoe puppy
Favorite things to eat: Sloppy Joes, tacos, and all the fruit
Favorite drink: yogurt smoothies
Favorite TV show: Rescue Bots and Miles from Tomorrowland

Griffin loves to be outside. He has a hard time sitting still and needs to run. He likes to ride his bike and drive or work on his jeep. Griffin is still playing soccer and is getting really good. Griffin has been in speech therapy for the past 6 months and has made so much progress. He is quite the little chatter box now. 

Happy birthday Twinsies!