Thursday, June 17, 2010

Double Trouble

Devlin wanted everyone to meet his cousin Lex. Devlin's Aunt Staci brings Lex over when she watches Devlin. Lex is 21 months old and is a little ball of energy. Devlin loves to watch his cousin play with all his toys. Lex is very nice and shares his toys, but Devlin insisted that he needed some of his own.
Since, Bryan wants Devlin to start walking as soon as possible (Bryan figures walking is the first step to potty training) Devlin got his first walker. Unfortunately it is a piece of junk! Devlin is very disappointed because he loves to be pushed around the house in it. Of course, every time Bryan pushes Devlin around, he runs into something, like a wall or fridge. Devlin does not approve of his Dad's driving skills. The other issue is the wheel always pops out of the socket. Bryan is going to return the walker and we will do some research before we buy a replacement. Until then, Devlin will have to lean on Daddy when practicing to walk.

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