Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's my birthday!!

Devlin celebrated his 2nd birthday last week. Bryan took the day off, so he could spend time with Devlin.

Devlin decided that he wanted to wear Bryan's hat.

How you doin?

 Devlin loved his card from Mom-mom and Pop. We listened to Sponge Bob sing over and over.

 While Bryan and I decorated Devlin's cake. Devlin ate cake scraps.

Saturday we had a party for Devlin. I tried to get a picture of Devlin and Alexander, but it is difficult to get them to cooperate. Here is the picture from last year for comparison.

Alexander and Jackson helped Devlin open his presents.

Devlin got lots of trucks, tools, and a pirate ship!

Once the present were open, it was time for cake! Devlin loves all vehicles, but he is especially fond of school buses. He also picked out the Thomas candle. 

Devlin did not eat the cake on Saturday, but he did enjoy the green icing.

Uncle Chris wanted Devlin to share, but Devlin told him to get his own piece. 

Devlin wants to thanks all his friends and family for a wonderful birthday!

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