Tuesday, August 27, 2013

9 months

The twins are 9 months old!

Official Stats
18 lbs 3 oz
6 teeth
Words - Mama, Night-night, duck, cat, up

22 lbs 11 oz
6 teeth
Words - Hi, Dada, ball, duck, Dev-Dev, bye

The twins are getting huge. They are both in the 90% for height. You would never know they were preemies.



They are just starting to really interact with one another. They will chase each other shake their heads "no" to each other. Both of these games they find hilarious. They also steal food from each other at meal time.

Colette had surgery earlier this month and is doing really well.

Before surgery

Sleeping off the anesthesia.

 Playing at the hospital.

Griffin showed his support by wearing a hospital gown too!

Waiting to see the surgeon.

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