Wednesday, July 10, 2013

8 months

The twins are 8 months old!

Official Stats
16 lbs 2 oz
4 teeth
Words - Mama

21 lbs 2 oz
6 teeth
Words - Hi

The twins are crawling all over the house. Griffin has even started pulling himself up and cruising. Colette has not shown much interest in cruising, but she can crawl really fast. The babies are consistently sleeping through the night. They are in bed by 6:30 and sleep until 6:30-7. Naps are hit and miss. Colette is a great napper, but Griffin wakes up after 40 minutes. You can set your watch by the length of his naps. We might try separating them at nap time and see if that helps. The babies are eating solids three times a day and will pretty much eat anything. Tonight for dinner they had a hamburger, raisin toast, and applesauce. Colette's favorite toys are balls. She will roll them around the floor and chase them. Griffin likes any toy that Colette and Devlin are playing with.

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