Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Planes, Monorails, and Automobiles

We took Devlin to MD for a quick trip to celebrate his Granddad's 70th birthday. At the airport, Devlin could not wait to ride the monorail to the terminal. The monorail ride might have been his favorite part of the trip. Devlin was very excited to fly on the plane until we boarded. Once we were in our seats, he became very nervous. Once we took off he yelled "I can see everything from up here" which made the passengers around us laugh. Then he started to worry we were going to fall from the sky and kept telling me he had to get out of the plane. He finally calmed down after he to ordered a ginger ale and was given 3 bags of pretzels. Once we landed, we let him pick the rental car, he picked a Camry. He liked it so much he requested that we buy one.

Devlin had a great time visiting with his Granddad and Grammy before the birthday party. At the party, Devlin was excited to see his Uncles Eric and Dave. It was a long day for Devlin and he was a trooper.
Bryan, Uncle Dave, Granddad, and Uncle Eric

Sunday morning before we headed to the airport, Nina had an amazing breakfast for us, but Devlin was too excited to eat. He just wanted to play with his cousins, Trevor and Dustin.

Dustin, Devlin, Trevor, and Uncle Bob

Devlin was very sad when we had to say goodbye to the family in Maryland. He misses them and cannot wait to go back.

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