Friday, December 18, 2015

Is 3 more terrible than 2?

The twins turned 3 at the beginning of November. We had two small parties for them. The first was with our friends and we had ice cream sundaes. For the second party with the family, we had chocolate chip cookie, brownie cupcakes.

We had some major milestones this year. The twins are potty trained, they moved up to the Junior class at their preschool, and they had their first haircuts. They also moved from their cribs into twin beds.

Height: 38.25 inches,
Weight: 32 pounds
Favorite color: pink
Nicknames: Coco, Beansie, Coconut
Favorite toy: Any and all princess toys
Favorite stuffed animal: T-bone
Favorite things to eat: cottage cheese, key lime pie yogurt, applesauce, chicken noodle soup
Favorite drink: Milk
Favorite book: Goatilocks and Dragons Love Tacos
Favorite TV show/movie: Teen Titans and 7D

Colette only wears dresses and skirts, so she can twirl. She also likes to color her hair pink and gets upset when it fades back to yellow. Colette may be girly, but she is very tough. Colette is the boss around the house and when she is unhappy she likes to slam doors and sulk. She loves to swim, play tag, and ride bikes with her brothers.

Height: 39 inches
Weight: 35 pounds
Favorite color: orange
Nicknames: Griffy, Griffles, Griffleton Penderbrook the Third
Favorite toy: balance bike and anything his siblings are playing with
Favorite stuffed animal: Boscoe puppy
Favorite things to eat: meatballs, strawberries, raspberries, butter
Favorite drink: Water and yogurt smoothies
Favorite book: Ninja Red Riding Hood and Big Hero 6
Favorite TV show/movie: Teen Titans and Miles from Tomorrowland

Griffin is our wildcard. He is super silly and likes to make us laugh. Griffin is constantly moving and loves to dance, sing, and play the piano. Griffin is the athlete of the group. He loves to ride his balance bike and to play soccer.

The twins are still good sleepers, but they like to wake up early. They go to bed at 7:30 and are usually up by 6:30. They have a clock outside their room and they are not allowed to leave their rooms until the clock is green at 6:45. The twins are still taking an afternoon nap and some days won't wake up until 4.

The twins still worship Devlin and think he is the coolest. They imitate him and like everything that he likes.

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